Fun Learning Company, LLC

Our Mission

Fun Learning Company organizes programs designed to enhance public, private, and home school education. We provide hands-on learning opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). We focus on alternative education, working with parents and students in non-traditional classrooms to provide families access to materials, equipment, and resources that may not be available to them. We construct classes and camps where students experience how fun and engaging it is to learn about robotics, electronics, programming, and more. Our primary focus is on programs that can be made available either online or in a classroom. When it comes to the ever expanding world of science and technology, Fun Learning Company is there to help students pursue their curiosities and their passions, with the goal to inspire the inventors, engineers, and creative thinkers of the future.

Our History

Fun Learning Company is a Michigan-based company founded in 2011. We began by offering on-site robotics classes at public schools. We ran these classes for several years, then started offering robotics summer camps. Over the span of the following few years, our library of year-long courses and summer camps had expanded from just a few robotics classes to include drone building, computer building and programming, electronics circuit construction, and many other hands-on engineering courses and summer camps. We are constantly in search for new ideas that we can incorporate into future programs.

Meet the Peeps

Kathy Mugshot

Kathy Joyce

Owner & Founder

Tara Mugshot

Tara Joyce

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Bill Mugshot

Bill Joyce

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Josh Mugshot

Josh Kirby

Chief Technology Officer

Emylye Mugshot

Emylye Laperriere

Director of Communication

Jim Mugshot

Jim Joyce

Chief Financial Officer