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  • Welcome to Build & Program Your Own Computer!

    Instructor:  Tara Joyce

    Contact me if you need any help!

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    Full-Year Course Description: In this class, students will start with their very own Piper Computer Kit - which they get to assemble into a small, working computer.  Once assembled, they will play Piper’s StoryMode game to learn about electrical components they can control with the computer. Following this discovery, they will learn to code with a block-based programming language, built on Blockly, to give them computational thinking practice. After mastering the PiperCode projects, they will then learn to program their computer using Python, a simple, yet versatile, programming language used by everyone from beginners to professionals. Students will not only get to make fun and simple programs on computers they built themselves, but they will also get to test their code in their own personal version of the popular video game, Minecraft!

    (Note: this class is meant for those with little or no programming experience; they will learn everything they need in class or in our online instructional videos). 

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  • Getting Started

    Unit goals:

    1. Familiarize yourself with Moodle (if needed).
    2. Take a short pre-assessment to see what you already know. 
    3. Inventory your kit and make sure nothing is missing.

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  • Building & Understanding Your Computer

    Unit goals:

    1. Understand how to read engineering blueprints
    2. Build, setup, & update your Piper computer.
    3. Understand the main components of a computer & their function.
    4. Learn more about the Raspberry Pi and what it can be used for.

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