Recommended for Ages 9-13

Students will go beyond ordinary Legos and learn to build creations that bend, light up, and incorporate walls/ceilings, including teaming up with classmates to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. After the class ends, students can take home their own set of Flexo, a copy of Lego Chain Reactions (with build components), and some Lego tape and receiver tape to continue designing and creating without limits! Flexo allows students to connect to Legos with short elastic bands — making models that can flex and move, like a trampoline, a bow, a vehicle suspension system, etc. This also eliminates the need for projects to be only square/rectangular and allows us to incorporate different angles in our designs. LEGO Chain Reactions book & accompanying elements covers simple concepts in building machines and linking together various components to create more complex outcomes. Students will use this to learn the basics and then incorporate Nimuno Loops tape and receiver tape – which allows their creations to stick to the walls and ceiling – to make a Rube Goldberg Machine as a class.